Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whistle For a Cure SDT Running Order

09/17 Update: The running orders below have been updated with some slight changes.
Things are really coming together for the trial this Saturday. The farm looks gorgeous, sheep are fat and happy, all of us "worker bees" are on top of our tasks, and even the weather forecast looks good (mid 70s, sunny). Kate's busy preparing a gastronomic treat for us, so bring along some extra cash to toss in the pot (food sale is a fundraiser too!). I know i've heard the words gingerbread, BBQ, hamburgers, slaw, potato salad, cookies, coffee, etc tossed around so far, yum. I plan to just toss a $20 bill in the pot first thing in the morning so i can nosh all day without having to dig through my pockets. ;-)

We have about 35 runs in the classes to get through on Saturday, and the sheep should be a nice challenge. If all goes well and the sheep are holding up, we'll do a few fun runs at the end of the day (same price as the regular runs - $15).

A couple of quick reminders - please park on the shoulder of the road, on the same side as the farm. Also, please keep dogs on the same side of the road as well. There will be a nice fenced area to walk them, right where you'll be entering the farm. Start time is 8:00, with the Handlers Meeting for Nursery then. Tony Luper will be judging Nursery and Dean Holcomb will judge the remainder of the day.

Here's the running order in a couple of different formats. Let me know if you need it emailed directly to you. See you Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I totally can NOT wait. We're gonna have FUN!!! Man, all we need now is a theme song. ;)

Robin French said...

Hmm, considering the sheep's penchant for swimming, how about the theme song from "Flipper"? ;-)

Anonymous said...

How about "Robin, Fly"? :-)


Anonymous said...

lol Or "Splish Splash, I was takin a bath...."