Thursday, January 22, 2009

40 Things About Me

I don't usually participate in these kinds of things but i guess i'll give it a go. You're supposed to list 40 things people might not know about you, then tag 3 more people, so here it quick before i pull it down!

1. My first border collie was a blue merle i found by looking in the local newspaper. I had to ask the (backyard) breeder what a merle was. Heck, i barely knew what a border collie was.

2. All of my dogs have the same first name, Baby. Baby Gael, Baby Spot, Baby Jet, Baby Zac, Baby Billy.

3. My dogs have about a dozen nicknames each. Silly, goofy, embarassing nicknames. Worse than Baby-whatever.

4. My brother is a stand up comedian

5. I'm very funny when i drink, like stand up comedian funny. Way funnier than my brother. My friends used to buy me drinks just to get me going.

6. I went to catholic school from 2nd grade through my first year of college.

7. I don't believe in organized religion.

8. I was big time into all sports growing up, going from season to season all year long, always at some practice or game.

9. I tried out for cheerleading once. I lasted about 10 minutes.

10. I'm a neat freak at home, a slob at work, somewhere in between at the farm.

11. I haven't worn a dress since i was 20 years old.

12. I don't own a single pair of non-jeans.

13. I refuse to eat any food that looks like it could come out of someone's nose - oysters, scallops...

14. I know how to surgically castrate ram lambs. I find this empowering.

15. I'm the oldest of 4 siblings, and the only girl. Why keep trying when you got it right the first time? All 3 of my brothers have children, and the first child for each was a girl,with only boys following. See what i mean?

16. I was the teacher's pet in kindergarten, big time. Ah, good times....

17. My first grade teacher hated me.

18. I try to be a better person than i think i really am.

19. I grew up in Louisville KY

20. I have a degree in Political Science, which comes in real handy in my job as a computer nerd.

21. I did one year of Graduate School. I got straight A's but hated it. The last day of school, i packed up my Ford Escort with my belongings and drove to North Carolina with no job, no place to stay, just one friend to help me get started out. I'm still here.

22. Sometimes i miss being a big time party girl. Nahhhh!

23. I can't sing. I mean really, really, REALLY can't sing. Don't ask me to. It's ugly.

24. I woke up on the backside at Churchill Downs one sunday morning. Nope, don't know how i got there.

25. I wound up in the middle of a lake in a rowboat with 2 friends (and a cooler, naturally. Hi Jenny!) one night when camping, and none of us could row us back in (you can guess why!). Heard a strange voice calling out "Robin French, is that you?", turned out to be a guy i only saw a couple of times a year, a neighbor of my grandparents. Apparently sound travels really well in the middle of the night on a lake, as he and his buddies wanted to know which one of us had been describing our pink undies....

26. I don't drink much any more!

27. I inhaled. Oh yeah.

28. I am a germ-o-phobe. I totally get why Howard Hughes washed his hands 87 times a day. I probably do more than that when i feed my dogs raw meat.

29. I like potato chips on my PB&J sandwich.

30. I've been living on my own since i was 18 years old, and got through college on my own tab with jobs, loans and scholarships. I'm kind of proud that the only contribution my folks made was to buy me a $10 parking pass when i first started out.

31. The only time i've ever been out of the country was for a sheepdog trial in Ontario.

32. I don't like scary movies and don't get why people do like them.

33. I'm a news junkie.

34. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is one of my all time favorite movies. Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison are up there too, along with Bull Durham.

35. My first job was at Burger Queen. Yes, Queen, not King. Remember the Eddie Murphy movie "Coming to America"where he's a prince from a tiny country and works at "McDowells", with the big golden arches out front? Same principal.

36. I got smushed in a car wreck when i was 19 and spent 2 months in the hospital with my legs in casts.

37. I love to fish.

38. My parents were big into sports when we were kids. Summers were spent at softball fields, winters at the bowling alley.

39. We didn't have a lot of money growing up, so family vacations were usually spent in a big tent at the lake. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

40. I'm pretty shy. Put me in front of more than a couple of people and i can hardly speak. Well, most of the time anyway... (see #5)

I guess i'll tag Julie, Becca and Nancy O!


Darci said...

AH! What fun! See, that wasnt so hard. Its really neat to see all the little things we didnt know about folks and each other that we have in common. You and me are going to have to go fishing one day! Besides the dogs,its my most fav thing to do!

Robin French said...

Yes it was hard!

Laura Carson said...

germophobes unite!! lol Good stuff - cracked me up about 10 mins of cheerleading, too. You want I should bring the peach schnapps on Saturday?? I'm interested to see Standup Robin. ;)

My word ver. is snates.

Kelly said...

Well I had thought about making my own blog...but now I'm kind of afraid, although Robin's 40 doesn't make me feel too wild!!

What in the heck does Prodi mean (word verification)

Robin French said...

I love those word verification words, they crack me up for some reason. Snates - snakes on roller skates. Prodi - you've been prodied to do your own blog!

Anonymous said...

LOVED these!


Anonymous said...

My word right now is bacat. Like right bacat ya!


Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

What a great post--thanks for sharing. Isn't it great how dogs don't care if you embarrass them with funny names?

Robin French said...

Bacat you too!

Yes, it's good dogs don't blush. I do wonder sometimes what silly things they'd call me...

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

haha.. can you add me to that Germophobes list! I am a many, many, many times hand washer too... LOL

You are all writing such fun and enjoyable to read lists. :-)

Becca Shouse said...

I'm a potato chips on my PB&J sandwich o-phobe. :P

Ok, I put something together. I'm so blah-blah it may take a while to think of things I haven't already blabbed.