Sunday, June 7, 2009

Waiting Begins and Waiting Ends

Hopefully, on or about August 1st, we'll have some miniature versions of these two born. Zac and Chris were bred this week and there are several of us waiting anxiously for an ultrasound on June 23rd to see if she took. I'm trying to not get overly excited after the disappointment of Gael's negative ultrasound when i tried to breed her this past winter, but it's hard not to. They should be good all around pups, nice natured and dead keen for work. Zac and Chris are very similar dogs so i'm hoping the pups will be pretty consistent. It's going to be a very long couple of weeks of waiting for that ultrasound.

But speaking of waiting, at least some of it is over. I got Meg out on sheep yesterday and she turned on and looked great! She's just now 5 months old but was pretty serious and determined. It was great fun to watch her little brain working so hard. I liked what i saw quite a lot. I hope to get a copy of video someone there shot, but in the meantime, here are a couple of pictures.
And a bonus picture of Bill, just because i like it - Julie, Laura and i were fooling around with the camera yesterday while working dogs. Wish i could erase that weed!
And a bonus, bonus picture of Spottie, who is back home now (long story!). She's staring at Julie's very patient cat Jelly Bean.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

What s lovely picture of Spottie

Darci said...

OMG! Great pics of Chris and Zac! I love them! Thanks for getting those and posting them. I miss her so much! She looks pretty content.
Meg is looking good too!
I love seeing young dogs turn on and just get right to work. Instinct is such an interesting and excieting thing to watch take over. She looks like she is gonna be a lot of fun to start. Glad to see Spottie is doing well, and my isnt Billy really looking smart! Miss you guys, and was envious of you all getting together for lesson day. It was always so much fun. Luckily, the old brain is still functioning pretty well, so I will always have the fond memories to look back on. Still, I think you gals should really pack it in and come out here!

Kathy said...

Meg is looking good.

The waiting is the hardest part of breeding. Good luck and I hope that there are little pupitos growing in there.

BCxFour said...

Oh my lord what an adorable picture of Spotty with the kitty. I will keep my fingers crossed for puppies!

Kelly said...

Oh cute spottie, reminds me of Jen at home watching those kittens!!

Nancy O said...

Chris and Zac look like twins! I wonder if all the pups will be split face

Robin French said...

I expect we might have several split faces. I don't care as long as we get some pups!