Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend, Puppies at 1 week

Whew, what a weekend. Hot hot hot. Yesterday was lesson day over at Julie's and it was quite fun. There were a couple of visitors along in the afternoon and it was fun to talk dogs and hang out. Oh, and to visit with the baby puppies! They've sure grown, doubling in size in one week. Last sunday they were all right at one pound, with Moon being the smallest. This saturday they were all just about two pounds, with Moon being the largest and the white headed male the smallest. They're lifting their heads and pushing up on their front legs and really getting around. Their eyes aren't open yet but should be soon.

I got the chance to work Meg again and she did great (photo above by Dan King). She's a tough little nut but not too hard to get to on the sheep, and really works very sensibly. I love how strong she is to the head and how well she covers the sheep. She's been a real pill lately at home, so it's a good thing she looked so good! All in all, it was a good day.

Today was a long, hot day at the farm. A friend came over to work her dogs while she was in the area. It's always nice to see different dogs and styles and i enjoyed working with her, giving a couple of little tidbits of advice. She's done a good job with two nice dogs. After she left, i got busy with my new toys, a chainsaw and a power tree pruner (a.k.a. the chainsaw on a stick!). I'm trying to open the line of sight out there to increase training distances and also hoping to increase the course size for our Whistle for a Cure trial in September. It's looking pretty good!

So here are the latest pictures of the babies:


Kathy said...

OOOOOH how adorable, what beautiful, sweet, healthy looking pups!

Carolinr Reichard said...

A power tree pruner in 100 degree heat says a lot about your dedication to your trial. I'm certainly looking forward to being there!