Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moon Update

Moon is coming along well now. Or at least that's today's tune. It's amazing how up and down the journey is with a young dog, and that seems to be especially so with Moon. I know i've made a dozen different decisions this week on her future and my plans for her, enough to give anyone whiplash! But ultimately, Moon has made her own decision and is working well enough, and trying to work with me just enough, that i'm giving her more time. I've always seen talent and potential there but it's been real "work" working such a wildly keen dog. The last couple of days it's been fun, and that's enough to get me to hold off on selling her on, for now anyway. Or at least that's my thinking for the moment! She's being a bit of a pill in this video but not nearly like she has been, so i thought i'd share it. I do like how sharp she can be and believe with age and experience she's going to be a winner. I know she'll be fun to run and never, ever quit. She's getting some schooling in the second half of the video and you can see she's got lovely flanks and really is pretty biddable under all that fire, as she takes in and out flanks and will switch on the fly. I've been working pretty hard on the mechanics with her and plan to let her natural stuff come out more and more over time, as her brain starts to kick in more. She's so keen that it's been hard for her to really do a lot of thinking on her own. My hope is that by gaining some tools to use with her (flanks, steady, stop, etc) that i can help her when she gets over her head and needs my help, but also leave her alone to work things out when she can. We'll see!


Carson said...

She is looking good

Michele said...

I just love that field. Such a perfect place to train up a dog.

Robin French said...

I love it too!