Monday, March 7, 2011


I got a little video of Moon this evening and thought i'd share. She's coming along nicely now though she's still pushy pushy pushy. There's a ton of come forward there and she's the most amazing athlete i've ever had. There's plenty she's still doing wrong but the bigger things (like sometimes not "seeing" all the sheep or letting one or two break off) are just young dog things that i'm sure she'll grow out of. In this video she's needing more than one stop command, which i hate, but she'd already been working for awhile and had been taking them nicely. She was getting a little brain-tired plus i had the camera keeping me from moving around or being quite as insistent as i might be without it. Just this evening she finally started giving me pace on the drive. You'll hear an embarassing number of "time!" commands but she's a really forward little dog and needs lots of reminders to hold her back out of the sheep. I was really thrilled with her today and can't wait to see how she does tomorrow!


Christine said...

What's "time"? Like "take yer time" or "easy" or "steady"?


Robin French said...

Yep, that's what it means.

Dutch Hollow said...

Beautiful working dogs! Too bad alpacas don't herd like sheep do, I could use a good dog.

I'm starting a Fiber Aninimal Wordless Wednesday at I'd love for you to share your photos with us!