Friday, March 16, 2012

They're here!

 The Bill x Rhyme pups have started out as overachievers, arriving on Tuesday, March 13th when we were all expecting them around friday! We also had been expecting Rhyme to pop out her usual 5 pups, but nope, there were 2 bonus puppies so a litter of 7 little beauties. There are 2 girls and 5 boys, which works nicely for me as i'm planning on a male, so plenty to choose from. The whole kit-and-kabooble will arrive at my house tomorrow, and then the fun will really begin. I couldn't resist and rode over to see them on wednesday. There are "1 day old" pics on my pbase site ( and i plan to be posting future pics there as well rather than flooding facebook with them. I may have one or two pups from the litter available, contact me privately if you are interested.
Little Bill?

Sweet little girl!


Doniene said...

Love puppies!! Look like dandies!!

PipedreamFarm said...