Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clinic Weekend

Coming up this weekend at the farm -- a training clinic with Tommy Wilson. I'm really looking forward to this. Tommy has been in the dogs for ages and he's a real "dog man" in my mind. Shepherd, trainer, life long dog man both in Scotland and the US, yep, the real deal. I've always admired Tommy's way with training and running dogs, so quiet and trusting. Some of the trial runs that stand out in my mind after so many years of doing this sheepdog stuff star Tommy and his wonderful little bitch Sly. I'll never forget their quiet mastery of the Bluegrass course a few years ago. Goosebump-worthy.

Now to figure out which one of my dogs to actually enter in the clinic...

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livin life said...

I am so envious!! I would love to be right there with you at the clinic. I too am a Tommy/Sly fan....the one reason I have my Bella was because of what I saw in Sly. Can't wait to hear about the clinic!