Monday, March 31, 2008

My happy pills have waggin' tails...

I saw that statement "My happy pills have waggin' tails..." in someone's signature line on the BC-Boards and really like it. Of course when it's been raining for 3 days, those happy pills have wet, muddy, waggin' tails and aren't quite so happiness-inducing! The house dogs (Gael, Jet and Zac) and i spent Sunday trapped in the house looking through the glass doors at the gang of young boy dogs(Moss, Bill and Bart) romping in the mud and making big fat messes of themselves. Those boys officially moved outside to the dog shed as of yesterday! I have a nice shed with crates set up in it just outside my back door and when the overnight temperatures are warm enough, some of the dogs become "outside" dogs, as opposed to being crated in the house. All of the dogs go into 10x10 runs during the day when i'm at work. Well, except Gael, who doesn't like being out there - she's crated in the house. That works out well since i have only 6 runs anyway. When i get home in the afternoon, everyone loads up in the van and we go to the farm until dark, to work sheep, or do chores, or farm/sheep maintenance, or just whatever - we always manage to squeeze out every minute of available daylight doing *something* it seems. Then home, where the dogs and i have our dinners (them raw, me cooked ;-). Then the house dogs are loose in the house most of the evening, and Spottie and the youngsters are outside running around. At bedtime, Spottie goes in her crate in the kitchen (where she can protect her treasures in her crate and supervise all comings and goings), youngsters go into crates in the dog shed, Zac and Gael in crates in my bedroom, and Jet onto my bed. Sleep a few hours, then all dogs loose in the backyard to play for an hour or two, then into the 10x10s and i'm off to work again. Rinse and repeat, and that's our weekdays. The thing is, we're supposed to get weekends to break up this pattern with fun and interesting stuff but noooooo, it rained most of saturday and all of sunday, and now monday it's still pouring. No fair. I know we're not supposed to complain about rain because we've been in this horrible drought but surely it's okay to complain about the timing? I guess the bright side is that lambing hasn't started at least, and we should get some grass growing after this rain. But still, 28 muddy feet and 7 sloppy, nasty waggin' tails to go home to....i may have 7 outside dogs after today!

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is I feel your muddy dog pain. I know we have not a lot of right to complain about the rain, but I'm right there with you on the timing thing. Blech.

~ Laura