Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goodbye Faith

I just learned that my friend Lauren lost her grand old dog Faith today. Fay-Fay has always been one of my favorite dogs. She just always had this sweet presence. I'll miss her a lot.

It's been kind of boring around here the last few days. Gael's still feeling fine and i spend a lot of time just hanging with her. I've been working my tail off getting caught up on stuff that had gotten away from me when i was off trialing - mowing, trimming, bush-hogging, weeding, etc. Today i even managed to get the pups on sheep again. Moss was happy to get to work the flock with the lambs in it and did a nice job. Billy worked the whole gang as well and did nicely. I'd say he's ready to start and ought to come along quickly. I don't think i've had him on sheep for about 6 weeks but he was right where he left off, going around nicely and doing some little outruns. Having the lambs in the flock gave him something extra to think about. He's very serious and still Mr Cool. I also put Bart on a small group since it had been awhile and he looked great. He's very even on both sides and able to take a bit of direct pressure from me to turn rather than needing me to toss the sheep around to get him to switch directions. He sure looks like he's going to have a nice way with the sheep and a natural gather/cast.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no. :( I'm so sorry to hear about Faith. I'll be thinking about Lauren - that makes me very sad.