Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Latest Gael Lab tests

Good news! I just got the numbers on Gael as of this morning and her alkaline phosphatase is now 1542 (was over 6000 to start, then 4500 last week) and her ALT is now 463 (was 1528 to start, 1428 last week) and REALLY good news is her bilirubin is back in the normal range. So, she's still pretty high on the enzymes but they're moving in the right direction, YAY!!!! She'll stay on the drug and supplement regimen she's on and we'll test her again in 2 weeks. She feels really good and was practically bouncing off the walls last night. Whew!!!!

To celebrate, she and i went and test drove this (Gael looked extremely stylish in the back seat):


Anonymous said...

Ah, man, I'm LOVIN that. Gimmee. How many crates do you think you could get in there?

I'm stoked to hear that things are looking up for Gael - hope they continue right on!

Robin French said...

Crates?! Don't you think all 7 dogs can just ride shotgun? :-)

Let's see, 3 or 4 dogs up front with me, and maybe 3-4 crates in the back. Yeah, it'll work!