Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Driving, or Best Laid Plans

Well, the first day of my plan to try running sheep with Bill didn't go exactly according to plan. I tried using about 8-10 wool sheep and they were just too determined when they'd get running off from him. He had no problem stopping and turning them, and really enjoyed it quite a lot. But, they wouldn't slow down and bend off on the small flanks i was asking for to try and keep Bill driving rather than just rushing around. And they'd break so hard on just a light touch straight behind from Bill that he wasn't getting any walking up in before needing to run around them. We'll try again with a different kind of group the next time out. Since the sheep were being such rotten things, i switched to working on some fetching and it was really good for Bill. The sheep not being worked were in a different holding pen that i usually use (actually in my garden :-) so the draw on the working sheep was different than usual. The sheep kept trying to spread out and break off of both ends of the group, giving Bill a lot to think about and work at. I left him to work it out, with him making some mistakes but sorting it out on his own and he really was quite spectacular. At one point he had to retrieve a single that had broken off, and worked and balanced it a solid 75 yards, with it trying everything it could to break back over him to get to the penned sheep. Very good work indeed!

Zac is working well though still pretty wound up from the long lay off. He's very sharp and crisp on his commands but he's still overdoing things a bit. I sure love that exuberance though. He's always up for anything and tries his heart out. He has the most amazing balance that sometimes i get caught up just watching him. Fun fun. I'm hoping i can get him out somewhere for some held outruns over this long weekend since we have a trial next weekend. The leg seems pretty good. I see some skipping but not a lot and it's not seeming to slow him down or affect his work on the field. He's a little uncertain on it in tighter spaces like the holding and sorting pens but i'm hoping that will improve. It's sure a blast having him back to work, i love that boy!

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Darci said...

Those exubreant split face dogs are just to hard to to not just totally love eh? LOL I think I know just how ya feel.
Great to hear the boys are doing good!