Friday, November 21, 2008

One More Time...

Hopefully this will be the last update on Zac and rehab and all that jazz for awhile. He's done pretty well this week and the skipping on the left (good) side seems to be going away. Yay for that. He's still skipping on the right off and on. I took him over to Vethab today to see Dr. Sherman and in his opinion, he's at 100% physically (same thing the holistic vet said monday). His movement, posture, stance, strength and balance are all normal now. We talked about the skipping and he doesn't have any explanation for it but thinks he'll work through it, or "push through it" as he says. I'm supposed to really put him back to regular working now, not just the light work we've been doing. He said that should be good for him, to really push it. So, that's what i'll do and just keep an eye on him, and hope the skipping goes away. Good news! Zac could really use some good hard work.

It's been a busy week around here. Yesterday i took a new lesson person out to look at some dogs for sale, trying to find a new one for her. That was a lot of fun, i always enjoy seeing different dogs and these belong to an old friend i haven't seen in ages. It was great to catch up after so long. I looked at a couple of dogs for myself as well. I didn't see anything that made me decide to up my dog count (I am *loving* being down to only 4 dogs!) but there was a bitch i quite liked. She was actually sired by one of the pups out of my Spottie x Link litter (Zac's littermate Moss). Unfortunately, she was a little older than i'd want to buy in for starting. In talking to her owner though, we came up with the thought of maybe breeding Bill to her. That would be really exciting! While there, I got the chance to work Jet, Zac and Bill on goats and also some fresh lambs. Zac and Billy had never worked goats before but they sure liked it. All three dogs looked pretty good and Bill and Jet really did great on the fresh lambs.

After a fun dog shopping morning, I hopped on over to Julie's to visit and work dogs some more. Laura was also there and worked Spottie a couple of times. I hid in the van so she'd not be searching around for me, and she worked really well! Nice little outrun, good driving, all much better than over the weekend. I think they're going to get together pretty quickly and both have a good time. It was hard ignoring the little beastie though. She was trying pretty hard to get my attention but i just didn't even look at her or acknowledge her. That'll have to wait until she gets good and committed to working for Laura. I didn't end up doing much dog working but it was fun visiting and hanging out, and we all went out to dinner afterwards, always a good thing.

Tomorrow a whole gang of folks are coming out to work dogs and potluck (not necessarily in that order!). That'll be lots of fun but i sure wish we weren't in for record cold temps. The fire barrel will be really welcome, i'm sure. Then sunday lessons and more visiting. On to a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Why are you getting rid of your dogs? Bart, then Spottie? Is it to make room form something new?