Friday, February 27, 2009

CEA DNA test

I was just looking at the Optigen website to get instructions on doing the DNA test for CEA. In checking prices and "clinics", i notice they're having a "sale" on the test and thought i'd pass the word along. If you do the online registration between March 11-17, it's 25% off. If i'm reading it right, the regular price of the test is $180, so that's a pretty significant savings. I know i'll be sending mine off that week!

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Nancy O said...

Thanks for the infor, I hadn't realized they were having another sale.

they had a sale at the beginning of the year also. Maybe since they're not doing the satallite clinic discounts (or whatever they were called) they are now offering these discounts.

I'll probably send one in for Jill, I hadn't worried about her DNA status as she would be bred to Nick or Ben who are both DNA normal.

Nancy O