Sunday, March 1, 2009

Training Secrets Revealed!

We've been stuck in the house for 2 days with it pouring buckets of rain. Just now it started sleeting and snow is due in any time. But training Billy has continued! I really don't take him out and work him all that much, and I'm always saying he's "training himself". So...i've decided to let you all in on my secret for training him. Just pop in a DVD of the British International Supreme Championship and here ya go!

This was the 1990 International and Bill seemed especially interested in Johnny Wilson's run. Points to Billy for good taste!


Laura Carson said...

lol Now I know the secret. Lookout world!

Interestingly enough, every time I play one of Linc's videos he comes from wherever he is in the house to put his feet up & stare at the screen. It's eerie.

Robin French said...

Gael spent a month with Alasdair for training when she was 2 years old. Every time i play a video that has him on it, she goes and hides in the other room!

Laura Carson said...

Hah! I just played "In the Mind of a Champion" and Nick & Linc watched ALL of Scott Glen's run. Every time he'd blow a stop or come bye whistle Nick would jerk, or perk up more. Cracked me up.