Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Update

Just talked to the internist - he got Gael's lepto titer. We can't be completely sure but it doesn't look like she had lepto. It's one of those things where we could have ruled it in for sure if something had been sky high, but not being sky high, we can just say *probably* not since we don't have a paired test to compare against. That's good since i don't want this to be lepto. Zac's second titer is still the answer-maker on that. In the meantime, we'll keep treating as if it's lepto and keep waiting until we can repeat that test at the end of next week.

The internist still really feels it's some sort of toxin. If we do rule out lepto (keep fingers crossed!) and tick-borne stuff (another week before that comes in) then we may never know what it was, though i have a couple of out-there theories and will keep trying to puzzle that out. Unless Zac gets more ill or another dog comes up with a problem, i'd rather not cut anyone open to do a liver biopsy.

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Laura said...

I just caught up with your blog--seems the past few days have been a bit rough for the French crew. I am glad lepto doesn't seem to be the culprit, as that gets very serious very quickly. I hate these kinds of mysteries, and I hope you do figure out what the heck is going on soon.