Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zac and Working dogs

We repeated Zac's bloodwork today and his liver enzymes are higher than they were on saturday. We'll repeat them next week and hope they start coming down. His kidney values are still fine. And he's feeling good, bouncing around playing with toys in the house. We're still waiting on his tick titer and Gael's lepto titer, neither came back today. I talked to the internist for a long time today about some different things and he's going to try to get up with a liver expert to discuss the cases. He still thinks it feels like some sort of toxin but we're still treating it like lepto.

It was such a gorgeous evening, i just had to work dogs a little bit. Billy was wonderful and put a big smile on my face. He's going to be a very good outrunner, checks in and casts perfectly. I sent him up the hill and he did a beautiful job. He seems to more or less know his flanks already. I also tried splitting the sheep and calling him through again and he was much better this time, way more enthusiastic about coming through than last time and he enjoyed holding the groups apart. We even did a bit of driving. He's a good little man and enjoys working *with* me. His 1st birthday was monday and now he's all grown up! Okay, maybe not, but he does seem to be maturing a bit. I feel like i've hardly even started training him since we just go out here and there and do a little work, but he seems to be coming along and getting trained somehow. It was like that with Jet too and Billy reminds me quite a bit of her in his work. There are worse dogs to take after, that's for sure! I finally have a recent picture of him to post. Every other one i've posted of him was 6 or more months old. I really like this one from last week.


Anonymous said...

Great shot of Billy! I suspect he's just going to... wind up trained somehow. ;) Seems to me like the two of you just sort of click.

I guess you don't have to answer my email now, LOL, I should have read here first! I'm really anxious to hear back on the titers though.

Anonymous said...


Is Bart still limping?

Glad to hear Zac is feeling OK, hope the rest of thier bloodwork turns out OK.

NAncy O

Robin French said...

Hey -

With the way my luck has been running lately, i refuse to answer that question about Bart in order to not tempt the fates to kick me in the butt again. ;-)

Let's just say that if i did answer it, it would be a good answer and i'd point out that keeping him crated rather than in a run during the day, and not letting him roughhouse with Billy so much, seems to so far be a good plan. :-)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Robin!

Nancy O