Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, hopefully anyway. My house is going on the market tomorrow. I tried this about 4 years ago and it sold almost immediately. Stayed sold for a good 30 days, right up to the point where the buyer's bank found some fine print on the loan program he was using and decided he couldn't have the money. Something about he couldn't buy a house on a private road. Fast forward about a year of having it on the market and not selling, and i pulled it off. Fast forward again to last week and something just made me decide to get it back on the market. Maybe it's having more energy from the great things Weight Watchers has done for me, maybe it was the black bear Peggy saw less than a mile from my sheep (i don't live where my sheep are, to clarify for those that don't know that), maybe it was finally getting the mulch down in my flower beds at home, i don't know. I just know i am ready to get my butt in gear and live at my farm, where my sheep are. Time to consolidate! I know the real estate market stinks right now but maybe the right person or family will come along. It's not an expensive house (will be priced at $104,500 i think) but it's a nice place and in good shape. Anyway, wish me luck! Here are some pictures, if you know anyone looking House

Also in the wish me luck department -- Zac and i are off to a veterinary physical therapist this evening, in hopes she can give me some ideas and suggestions for his chronic right rear leg skip. He was diagnosed with an iliopsoas strain (muscle high up in the hip/groin) last September by an orthopedic vet, a rehab vet, and also the holistic/acupuncture vet i've used in the past. With lots of rest and therapy, he got quite a lot better but then in May reinjured it slightly. It's never gotten to 100% since the orginal injury though, and i feel it not only impacts his performance, i worry that he will injure the left side because he's compensating for the right. I got some good video of the skip when i was working him last night and am taking my laptop in to show the PT. It doesn't ever show up trotting around on leash and i want her to see it. She comes very highly recommended by a couple of friends and i hope she can give me a good treatment plan. I'll post a note this evening on how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Robin, good luck on both efforts! I am eagerly awaiting your news about Zac. And that's a nice piece of art above your fireplace. :-)