Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy busy busy

That seems to be my most popular word these days...busy! Lambing has wrapped up, with 15 ewes delivering 10 ewe lambs and 11 ram lambs. It all went pretty smoothly for the most part and now we watch and try to avoid the dreaded M-word (mastitis). Peggy did an excellent shepherding job this past weekend while i was on the road, catching an early case and getting it doctored up quickly. I hope that's the worst of it for this year. I find mastitis to be very frustrating, catching you just as you think you can relax a little bit after lambing.

For the weekend, I decided to take a spot in a training clinic that had opened up due to a last minute cancellation. Janet Harvey hosts Patrick Shanahan a couple of times a year at her place in Ellicott City, MD and i've been trying to get to one of the clinics for awhile now. I worked with Patrick a couple of times many years ago (when Gael was just starting out!) and enjoyed it very much, with a lot of it really sticking with me over time. Since my weekend wasn't jam packed with things i couldn't rearrange, i decided to take advantage of the free spot. It was a very good clinic with a nice group of dogs and people, a good setting and perfect sheep. I ended up doing a bit with both Billy and Zac and got some good ideas and reminders. I think i probably train quite a bit like Patrick, as i found myself nodding my head a lot and seeing him do exactly what i'd be standing there thinking about with the other dogs in the clinic. It was very nice to have a fresh set of eyes watching my dogs and Patrick offered some good ideas on tweaking a few things with both of them. I will definitely be keeping his ideas in mind. Both of my boy dogs were feeling their oats for some reason this weekend. Maybe it was the lovely wool sheep but both were definitely "feeling it". Zac was wound up tighter than a top and Billy was trying out his freight train impression on the short fetches we were doing. I didn't really mind it with either of them but thought it was interesting. Wonder if they'll act the same at the upcoming trials?

Speaking of trials, i can't believe we leave for Shaker Village in 10 days. Where has all my time to get ready for these trials gone?!


Laura Carson said...

Got my fingers crossed for no more mastitis! Glad you guys are all back safe and sound. Shaker Village here you come!

BCxFour said...

Robin - I am attending the puppy/novice clinic with Patrick in Idaho the weekend after next. (Did you know that Beth was one of Patrick's Red Top Rescue sponsored rescues? Small world eh?) I am glad to hear you had such a great clinic with him - I am really looking forward to it.