Sunday, April 12, 2009

Busy Days

It's been a full and all-too-quick weekend. Yesterday i ran over to a local sheepdog trial to run Jet, Zac and Billy. Bill ran first in PN and did pretty okay. Outrun, lift and fetch were very nice, start of the drive went well but the sheep started stalling out and stomping at the driveaway panel and Bill just didn't know what to do about it. It was just his lack of experience showing. I went ahead and flanked him around to bring the sheep back before they'd gone through the panel rather than keep trying to hit it and time ran out as they got to the pen. He ended up in 3rd place. Jet ran next in the Open and was really, really sharp. She only lost 8 points on the course, and those were all on the drive from a wide turn and a pull through at the crossdrive panel. Zac ran next and wasn't nearly as sharp, especially on his outrun and lift. Fetch, drive, pen and single were very clean. It was good to get the dogs out to see what i need to be concentrating on going into the spring trials. At the end of the day, Jet ended up in 1st place (her first win!) and Zac tied for 2nd, finishing 3rd after the tie was broken on outwork. It was a fun day and a nice field to run on.

Today was a long day of farm chores broken up by a nice Easter brunch with my folks. How many people do you think show up for an Easter meal on an ATV? :-) Anyway, it was a good day and good to check some things off the to-do list. The dogs had a great day running and playing and getting into all kinds of messes at the farm. It's been a while since they've had one of those kinds of days. No lambs since this past thursday so we're still sitting at 17 with 10 being girls. There are still 5 ewes bagged up and ready to go, hopefully soon.

I did finally manage to get a few pictures of the lambs and Meg. It's hard to get pictures of Meg since she doesn't stop often and her nose is almost always on the ground. She's all legs these days.


Laura said...

Congratulations! Love the lambie pics, and Meg ain't lookin' so bad herself :-)

Darci said...

10 ewe lambs! Grrrrrrr! You and Becca! Lucky stiffs! Thats it! Im replacing my ram!
Know anybody that wants a PB St.Croix Ram!
And Meg. All I can say to that is; Hug,squeeze,kiss, love, and hug and squeeze some more! She is darling!
Congrats on the weekend wins! Yea Jet!