Monday, April 7, 2008

Jettie spaghetti

Seven years ago today, this happened.

Happy Birthday Jet!

I just love that picture. I can't help but smile when i see it.

She starting working before she was 6 weeks old and has never looked back. Look at those little legs trying to do an outrun on those ducks!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday miss Jet! What a good day that was for both of you. ;)

~ Laura

Marilyn said...

Fun Blog to read Robin. Keep it up. I have a young pup again after 4 years. Forgot all about this babystuff.
Marilyn T

Robin French said...

Wow, 4 years. I can't even remember not having some puppy running around. I think having 3 right now might have cured me from adding any more any time soon! I'm looking forward to seeing yours.

CarsonC28317 said...

Hope that you had a good BD Jetteee, and maybe next year we won't miss the party but you know how it is....I owe, I owe, so off to work I had to go. :)

Carson & Donna

Robin French said...

Jet had a very good birthday and topped it off by wearing a party hat a.k.a big globs of sheep poop. :-/