Thursday, April 17, 2008

Redbud, lambs and Moss video

I love the redbud tree that stands in the middle of my farm. It's sort of the farm's signature tree. Every year i try to get some pictures of it because i know it's only a matter of time before it's gone. That right branch slips a little closer to the ground every winter. It just says "spring is here" to me, especially with new baby lambs running around under it. I got the photo shoot done yesterday and pictures of the lambs and a few of Zac (with some very curious lambs) can be found on my Pbase site

Zac was a very good boy with the ewes and lambs. A couple of the ewes thought about challenging him but he was very patient and is learning to work them. This is the first year I've used him at all with the babies and moms. The lambs just had to go over and check him out!

And finally i have some more recent video of Moss working. Peggy kindly agreed to come out and get some of him for me. He was pretty good but not quite as sharp as he was over the past weekend. He wasn't taking his stop or slow down commands especially well last night, where over the weekend he'd turn in and gear down on even a small peep of the whistle. He's sure getting trained though, and working very well. Denise got some video of him over the weekend and i'll post that when she gets it finished.

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