Thursday, April 24, 2008

T&H Tip: Crossdrive panel, Part 2

Okay, here's part 2 of hitting the crossdrive panel. Early in my Open career, i spent about a year missing crossdrive panels with my good old Ben dog (pictured at left). I lost count of how many times i ended up out of the placings because of those darned things. And it was my fault, not his. He'd drive a dead straight line, all on his own, letting me make tiny adjustments all the way across the crossdrive, and i would very carefully, with perfect control, pass above those darned panels time after time. So i decided to change my strategy on crossdrives, and over time it's gotten a whole lot easier to line the crossdrive up and hit those panels.

What i decided to do was intentionally bring the sheep low on my crossdrive, in what is called a "banana drive", so called because of the curved line. If you bring the sheep low and then aim back up into the crossdrive panels, it's way, way easier to see if you're going to go through the panels. Think of how much easier it is to tell when you're going to hit the first drive panels. It's the same principle. You'll lose a couple of points for being offline but less than you'll lose for missing a panel.

I found that over time i got a lot better at hitting the panels, and i don't need to "banana" the crossdrive quite so much. One skill you might want to work on with your dog to make this work a little better is a nice fast inside flank, because you'll find yourself needing it sometimes to turn the sheep into that crossdrive panel so you don't miss it low.

Next up -- strategies to deal with a tight, sliced outrun.

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1sheepdoggal said...

Hey Robin, I enjoyed the bananna cross drive tip, and you must have the knack of being able to explain things in a manner that even the blondest of us can understand, cause I got it! Barts looking good, Getting big too! Sure has a handsome face and lovely expression.