Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lambing begins!

Lambing has started with a bang. I'm only lambing out 12 ewes this year - with last year's drought, i was concerned about how much grass we'd have this year. And lambing out 35 ewes last spring about wore us all out, so i decided to try to have an easier year. My little farm was overrun with over 100 sheep on it last year too so we didn't need to have a bunch of new lambs.

The first lamb popped out about 7:30 last night, followed by 2 sets of twins overnight, and another set about 10:00 this morning. At this rate, we'll be done in 2 days. Hah, i wish! So far, so good though. I'm fretting a little about mastitis after having a couple of cases the last couple of years but hopefully a little extra vigilance (okay, obsessing ;-) will be a good thing.

I'll post pictures later but so far we have:
White female single
Black/white female twin
Black/white male twin
Black female twin
Black male twin
Red ?? (to be determined) twin
Black/white ?? (to be determined) twin


Julie said...

Why do I see two red lambs in the photo but only one red lamb listed? Is it a photo from last year? And what's this TBD? Too dark when you saw the lamb to know what color it is? LOL!

I'm with you on the not lambing out so many. Next year I plan to be much more selective, now that I got a nice crop of ewe lambs this year!

Robin French said...

Yep, the picture is from last year. I'll get some pics of the new ones tonight. You'll be jealous at my answer on TBD - I was 30 miles away when they were born. Peggy came over this morning and stuck around while i went on to work, and those were born after i left. I don't know what i did PP (Pre-Peggy). :-)