Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And Then There Were 5

The Latest Update: Bart has made it to South Dakota just fine, has been picked up and is settling right in!

Bart is up, up and away! He's in Minneapolis in the middle of a layover, and will be in Rapid City, SD this afternoon. Drop off at RDU was quick and easy, though awfully darned early this morning. He was so sweet and happy, and it was really, really hard to leave him there. I know he's doing fine though. With that great temperament, he'll handle the flight without any problems. And his breeder will be waiting on him and take great care of him. I'm sure i'll regret letting him go many times over in the future. Once that shoulder is fixed, he's going to be a terrific work dog.

So now the Shoofly gang is only 5 dogs, wow. I can't remember the last time i only had 5 dogs. It had to have been before i got Gael, and she came along about November of 1999, making it a 6 dog pack then. It's going to be some kind of nice to not actually have a puppy running around for change, and no one that has to be walked on a leash when we travel. Weird!


Laura said...

Sorry to hear Bart needs the surgery after all, Robin.

Robin French said...

Yeah me too but it's a very successful procedure at least.