Monday, October 13, 2008

Edgeworth and Zac

The trial this weekend at Edgeworth was really nice, as usual. It's always a highlight of the trialing year for me and didn't disappoint. The leaves were just starting to change on the mountain backdrop and the weather was gorgeous. It might have been a little warm on the dogs late in the afternoons but it was mostly comfortable. The commercial whiteface sheep were very even from group to group, with only the odd one here and there misbehaving. These sheep always like to test a dog's ability to hold a line, especially on the 600 yard fetch.

I was very pleased with my dogs. Spottie ran first and did a good job. She didn't want to come on quite strong enough to hold the line on the fetch or on the return leg of the drive, but otherwise was quite good around the course. She finished just out of the placings. Jet was wonderful, pushing her sheep around the course with calm authority and presence. The judge had made it clear he didn't want the sheep to meander along, that he liked to see them moved at a workmanlike pace, and Jet was happy to oblige. Her at-hand work was sharp and crisp, and her shed a thing of beauty, performed perfectly. In the second round, Spottie ran extremely well and i was a little surprised she didn't place higher, as were others watching. I'm still trying to puzzle out getting hit 3 points on the shed. But she ran strong and confident and hardly looked her age. This may have been her best placement at the fall Edgeworth trial - she's never done especially well there for some reason (though she loves the winter trial and has won or placed several times there). Jet had an extremely nice start to her run in the second round, right up to the driveaway panel where a little breeze across the tall grass caused a hearing problem, and we got badly off line. It was a real shame, as she was listening very well at 600 yards but couldn't hear me at 150. We finished the drive and when a ewe started breaking at the pen, i just retired as i knew we were far out of the money already. Both girls were very sharp all weekend and it's always a thrill to run that big course. Next up, the Lexington SDT in Lexington VA this coming weekend. All 3 girls are scheduled to run.

Final results were:
Open 1 (61 dogs)
1 Bev Lambert & Mirk 89
2 Robin French & Jet 88
3 Carla King & Emma 86
4 Tom Forrester & Pete 85
5 Shay McMullen & Lad 84
6 Christine Henry & Rook 82
7 Nancy Obernier & Ben 81
8 Flo Wilson & Midge 81
9 Craig Rogers & Jake 80
10 Shay McMullen & Britt 78
11 Bev Lambert & Bill 78
12 Janet Harvey & Scott 75

Open 2 (58 dogs)
1 Bev Lambert & Mirk 89
2 Flo Wilson & Jen 88
3 Bruce Fogt & Annie 86
4 Shay McMullen & Britt 84
5 Dawn Boyce & Tink 84
6 Carla King & Emma 84
7 Linda Tesdahl & Jaffe 83
8 Robin French & Spottie 83
9 Bev Lambert & Bill 82
10 Tom Forrester & Pete 81
11 Renee Billadeau & Bette 80
12 Bruce Fogt & Chloe 80

The Zac saga continues:
Zac did lots of nice long walks around the Edgeworth farm in his boot with the pebbles in it. He does seem to skip less with it on, though i'd be hard pressed to say he skips much less with it off. He does look strong and fit and is galloping around with ease. I'm waiting to hear from Dr Sherman to formulate the plan for this week. According to the homework schedule we've been following, he is allowed to begin working sheep later this week. If his muscle is truly healed, i can see that happening. It makes me nervous to put him to work when he's still got the original problem (skipping) there, even if there's no indication of a different type of injury. When this injury first happened last year though, it took getting him active and moving again to get the skip to lessen, so we'll see. I'll have to talk to Dr Sherman first though. I have too much money and time invested to proceed without some guidance.

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