Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rainy Day Catchup

It's not often that i'm happy to see a rainy saturday, unless we're in a drought like last year. But things have been so busy lately that a nice drippy day, forced to rest and relax is probably a good thing. We'll see how long i can make myself sit still though.

Knowing it would mean 4 weekends in a row on the road, i opted out of going to the trial in TN this weekend. I did hear from my friend Lauren on her way home from it last night though, and she won the ProNovice with her Mac dog, woo hoo! I'm so pleased for her.

I also decided to scratch from the Rural Hill SDT in a couple of weeks. I was disappointed to hear they were going to use the same old hair sheep they always use, rather than the fresh wool sheep we'd been hearing about and promised. That's a shame because good sheep would make it a great trial. Added to that, i'm not sure if i'll have Zac back to running by then. So, i pulled. I'll stay home, save the expense, and get back to doing more lessons. Our next trial will be at Steve Godfrey's in SC in December, followed by the Edgeworth Winter trial in January.

I'm looking forward to those trials, and to getting back to a regular lesson schedule, and to getting Billy trained up more. I've been working him a bit more regularly, between Zac's PT sessions in the evenings and he's really soaking it up now. If the light will flicker on on driving, he'll be ready for Nursery in no time. He just needs to be a little more committed to taking charge of the sheep on the drive. I'll need to get him out to some new fields as well and should have time for that now.

I've managed to finally make a decision on Bart and he's leaving for SD on Tuesday - the flight is actually even booked. He's everything i hoped he'd be working wise, but is limping again and needs the surgery for his OCD. His breeder has offered to get him fixed up so he's going back to her. I'll miss him a lot but it'll be nice to get down to 5 dogs.

Zac is doing well with his rehab and goes back to Vethab monday morning. I've started pushing him pretty hard on that leg, trying to get him to stop the skipping, and he does seem to be slowly improving. I'm planning to really make him use it this weekend, with boots and bells and whatever else i came come up with to make him feel most comfortable on the healed up leg. I had him and Gael and Spottie back to the chiropractor this week and i feel that's helping all 3 dogs a lot as well.

So, that's the latest Shoofly news. Hmm, looks like the rain is easing off, maybe i can go run Zac now.....or work Jet....get some chores done around the farm.... ;-)

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