Friday, June 20, 2008

Bart's New Game

Bart learned a new game. First you swim out to where the stick is.

Then you open WIDE and grab it.

Get a good hold and start swimming back in.

Keep your ears out of the water!

Watch out for Jet, she steals sticks!

Ahh, now a good shake and start all over again!

(Who knew he'd ever even learned to fetch?! I've never taught him or played fetch with him. He must have been watching Gael fetch from the pond. I decided to take just him and Jet out, since i was trying to get some pictures, and he decided to show me what he'd learned on his own.)


Samantha said...

Good boy Bart! I wish my two would learn to swim like that. I think they both think that the water will eat them alive if they go out of their depth.

Anonymous said...

It is so cool that he knew how to play fetch if I throw something for my dog I either have to tackle him to get it back or make one of my sisters get it.