Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gael update

I took Gael in for her repeat bloodwork today and it looks good! Her alkaline phosphatase is still elevated at 589 (was over 6000 to start, then 4500, and 1542 two weeks ago) but everything else is back to normal. She'll stay on the liver support kibble, Sam-E, milk thistle and Actigall, and we'll do another blood draw in a month. Good news!

Now to put her on a diet. All the good spoiling she's been getting has made her fat. :-)


Carson said...

Wonderful news! Glad to hear that she is still doing great!


Anonymous said...

Very good news. Sounds like something got into her system (pathogen, or something inorganic) and just nailed her. The liver is a forgiving organ, thank goodness. Sounds like she is getting back to normal. Very very good news!

Robin French said...

Yep, we'll never know what it was, most likely. I'm just happy she's getting better.

Becca Shouse said...

Big sigh of relief! I am glad I checked over here. Gael, you are a stinker for scaring your mom like that! Best of luck for continued progress.