Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Few Pictures

I put up a few pictures on my Pbase site of Gael and Bart from a few days ago, and some of Julie working one of her pups from today
It was a fun day. Julie, Laura, Joan and Kate came over and we worked dogs (a little), snacked on good foods (a lot) and everyone chilled out under the shade trees. Nice!


Laura Hicks said...

Hi Robin,
Nice pictures! Bart is growing up so much. He's not round anymore. Looks like there's hope for at least one ear.

Donna said...

great pictures! I just love that lil Bart,what a heart stealer! I wish I could have been there! Next time for sure! Nothing better then being out at shoofly with good friends, dogs and of course good food ;-)

Robin French said...

Laura - he's really a handsome little guy, and just a nice all around pup. The ears do all kinds of things, sometimes up, sometimes down. I think they'll be up when he works, maybe tipped over but up.

Donna - wish you could have made it, it was fun!

Anonymous said...

I had a BALL, Robin, as did the dogs. Thank you so much for having us up! Those pics are great!