Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dogs and Sheep

There sure are a lot of folks out there looking for young trained dogs these days. I could probably sell 5 or 6 Mosses. Wish i had them to sell since i'm keeping the original! Unfortunately the only dog i'd let go right now is probably Spottie, but no one is beating down my door looking for a 10 year old Open dog. :-) I actually am looking for the perfect retirement home for her. She's still got a couple of good years running trials in her and she could teach a novice handler a lot. It'll take a perfect home for me to let her go since she has some issues - like staring at cats and obsessing on small dogs - otherwise she'll stay right here with me. She's done so much for me, she deserves a happy, spoiled-dog retirement.

It's also time to move along some sheep. I'll be selling a few nicely broke hairsheep that are perfect for starting dogs on. I sold similar ones last year and they were a big hit with their new owners. I try to price them very reasonably for dog people, so let me know if you'd like on the list by emailing me.

Now that things are settling down with the dogs and the farm and trucks and all, i'll try to get back on track with training articles in the next week or two.

Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

Wish I lived closer to you! I'd take Spottie in a heartbeat.

Robin French said...

She's a good old girl!