Monday, December 22, 2008

And the Watch Intensifies...

..because now we're watching for puppies! Today, I took Gael and Zac to the vet i want to use during this whole process (reproduction is a special interest of hers). I'd taken them by to see her last wednesday, and based on the smear she did then, and the timeline of the heat and behavior of the dogs, we decided to do a progesterone test. That will tell us where Gael is in terms of ovulation but it won't be back until tomorrow, so we also went ahead and did an AI. Zac has been trying to do a natural breeding for a couple of days, but with Gael being the dominant dog in the house, he was having trouble getting it done. She'd swing around when he got serious about trying, and if i was holding her, he wasn't as aggressive about it all. He may still manage a natural breeding in the next couple of days but this way it's done and we know it's done.

Keep your fingers crossed that the news is good on the progesterone test results tomorrow, that it wasn't too late to get her in pup.


Darci said...

Crossing every limb and digit, and eyes too! Ouch,cant do that last one for long!LOL
Good luck,
Waiting Impatiently

Kelly J said...

Yah!! Ok now i'm crossing, hoping and wishing all at the same time :) I'll do the dance we do when we are trying to get a mare in foal.

Robin French said...

Thanks guys! I sure hope all the crossing and dancing works!

Nancy O said...

Hey Robin,

have only done AI once and had 7 pups!

The bitch was bred to Ben, she was 6 and had always been allowed to growl and snap at dogs when she was in season.

Maybe she is like my Ben. He seems to know when the bitches are ready to be bred and will not breed them before that, sometimes he half heartedly will mount them, but usually won't even do that.

He was down at Barbara Rays to breed to Britt. She called me on day 7 that Britt was flagging and flirting, but Ben was not interested. Day 10 she called me, saying he bred her without hesitation and he did the breeding 3 times before he came home.

Had a bitch here about 2 weeks ago to breed to him. She came while she was still bleeding, he didn't pay much attention to her, but then one day he mounted her and bred her over a 6 day period.

Good Luck! How Exciting!

Nancy O