Thursday, December 4, 2008


So, if they'll both cooperate, I'm going to breed Gael and Zac. It should be sometime in the next few days. Here's a little video preview of baby Gael puppies (video of her at 6 weeks old). She was about the sweetest puppy ever.

I don't have video of Zac as a baby but there's a picture of him right below. He was pretty darned adorable.

I'm so excited i can hardly stand myself!


Rachel said...

Oh, I'll come squish them!!! I'm good at lovin' on puppies!

Robin French said...

Sounds good to me! I hope there are plenty to squish on. :-)

Anonymous said...

If she's anything like her half-sister Dhu, there will be lots of puppies!


Darci said...

It just took me an hour to load that vid, but it was sure worth the wait! So much fun to watch, I watched it twice! I liked that music too. Kinda fitting.

Robin French said...

I'm glad you liked the video. I just love it myself. :-)

Joan - i hope there are some but not too many! Four would be a nice number, though it won't leave many for anyone else to have.