Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to friends and family, and all the great folks we've been fortunate to meet and share time with in 2008. Here's to more great times with you and new friends to come in 2009!

There's not a whole lot going on these days around the farm and with the Shoofly crew. I'm waiting very impatiently to find out if Gael is bred (2 weeks to go until ultrasound!). The dogs are getting some sporadic training, as weather allows - it's been pretty wet lately. Zac seems really sound and his skipping is becoming less and less frequent (knock wood). He's sure happy to be back at work and getting more of it. Billy is coming along in his training, Jet is her usual good self with the work. The holidays have been very nice, quiet but nice.

January is looking to be a busy month if all goes according to plan. If the weather holds, New Years weekend is going to be jam packed. Tomorrow i'm heading to a friend's place to work my dogs. Saturday, i'll be doing a group lesson at Julie's, with about 10 dogs to do. Sunday, more lessons at the farm. Then next weekend is the Edgeworth Winter Trial from friday to sunday, followed by a Fun Day on monday. The next week i'm heading off to KY to visit family, and hopefully sneak away for a day at Vergil Holland's to work the dogs some more. Busy, busy. I hope the weather cooperates!

Now, everyone think puppy thoughts for me....and have a great New Years!!


Darci said...

Thinking puppy thoughts for Gael. Thinking jealous thoughts for you...getting to work with Vergil. Ive always thought he'd be great to take a lesson with. Wish Id have known about him when I lived in Cinn.Ohio! I was just a stones throw from the bridge and on into Ky.
Happy New Year to you and yours too!

Robin French said...

Yep, you weren't far at all! I grew up in Louisville and we used to go to Cincinnati for Reds games and Kings Island.

We'll have to get Vergil to come over here and do lessons sometime. He was one of the first people i went to for lessons, back in the dark ages. :-) I go by Vergil's whenever i get the chance to visit and work dogs.