Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dog Trialin'!

Yay, we're off to a dog trial this weekend! And finally, FINALLY, i get to run Zac again. It's been just over 6 months since his last trial run. He may be a wild man but he's my wild guy and we'll finally be back on a trial course together. The trial is in Cowpens, SC (don't you love that town name?) and i've heard the field is lovely, and we're supposed to be running on wool sheep. I'll be running Zac and Jet -- it'll sure be weird to not be running Spottie after all these years. I'll post a report on the trial on Monday.

In other news, Gael is in heat. And i'm actually thinking about maybe breeding her to Zac. I'll probably chicken out but i'm always saying she's the most talented dog i'll ever own, and one of the biggest "hats" in this country (actually internationally) always told me he thought she'd produce a worldbeater pup. There's some risk to breeding an older bitch, so we'll see...something to torture myself over for a few days anyway!


Darci said...

Whoa! If you do, put me on the list for a daddys girl look a like! What a nice pairing that would be! Good luck of the draw this weekend. I may see ya there, Im thinking of driving out on saturday.

Robin French said...

I hope you come to the trial! It would be great fun.

I'm pretty excited about the idea of pups. We'll see if i do it, but yep, i'll put you on the list. They ought to be some ass kickin' good ones. I guarantee they'll be some super keen ones, for sure.

Kelly J said...

Hey I want in on the excellent puppies too :)

Laura said...

Good luck at the trial--I know you'll have fun running Zac again :)