Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Watch Continues...

Well, the Gael/Zac watch continues. I'm trying to not be too crazy about this whole breeding but i am fretting a bit, worried it won't happen for one reason or another. I've only bred one litter before and both sire and dam were experienced, so that one was easy. Hopefully there will be some good news in the next couple of days.

It's been a nice weekend around here. Even though the forecast yesterday was for rain, i loaded up the dogs and went over to Denise's for a little dog working and visiting. I got the chance to work Billy several times and he did really well. Denise has a nice flat training field and her sheep aren't as broke as mine, so it works nicely for dogs that are just getting the idea of driving. I'm hoping i can get him over there a couple of times in the next few weeks. I thought it was great for Moss when he was at this stage and hope it helps Billy as well.

Last night i caught an enjoyable movie, "The World's Fastest Indian". It's based on a true story, set in the 60s, of Burt Munro, an older New Zealander, and his quest to beat the world land speed record on his modified 1920 Indian Scout motorcycle. It was a good story, maybe a little heavy on the ominous foreshadowing, but a good story.

Today dawned nasty and rainy, like so many recent days. Finally though, the sun came out! I spent the day with my mom Christmas shopping, which was a lot of fun. Other than all of that, i've been playing on Facebook for the last week or so, reconnecting with some old friends from when i lived in Louisville. What i can't figure out, is why they all look so different in their pictures, when i'm sure i haven't changed a bit in the last 20 years?! LOL!

So now we're into Christmas week, and i sure hope i get to work some dogs this week....


Darci said...

Have they done anything yet??
Weathers been great here, working Bear, and got Chris out yesterday. She appears a bit better,but dare I say, has a little skip now and then.
Bear is squaring off nicely on his flanks, still a bit off on his away side, he is still trying to come in to tight, but we are working on it. Looking forward to next weekend.

Robin French said...

Oh geez, not a skip, i hate skips....i hope she gets all better soon. Looking forward to saturday as well - so far the gorecast looks awesome, sunny and 70 degrees.

I'm off to the vet this morning with Gael and Zac to see what she suggests. I think we'll do a progesterone test and AI them just to be safe. This is my only shot with Gael so don't want to miss it.